Military Benefits

You can use your Military Benefits for our program! What some people don’t realize, is that your benefits can also be passed on to future generations if they are unused.

Veteran Resources

Retail Ready Career Center is proud to serve our nation’s veterans. We pride ourselves in our veteran and military community. However, when it comes to your military benefits and other veteran tools, we suggest you refer to the experts at the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Check out our Military Benefits page for contact information and resources regarding various veteran resources. Fill out the form below and let us know how best to reach you..

How VA Funding works

We recognize navigating military benefits can be overwhelming. That is why our Admissions Representatives receive additional training to help you address your unique situation and education goals. As your first step in connecting with RRCC, we recommend speaking with an RRCC Admissions Representative who will ask you questions like:

When were you discharged?

What are your dates of service?

When do you hope to begin your training?

Once the two of you have discussed your background and goals, you’ll go over your program cost, Veteran options available to you, and your next steps in attaining your career training goals. Depending on the duration and dates of your service, you may qualify for a number or combination of education benefits, each with its own eligibility and disbursement guidelines.

Questions About Your GI Benefits? 

For More Information regarding your GI Benefits, please visit

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