Why Veterans Choose HVAC

Retail Ready Career Center works closely with the US Department of Veteran Affairs to ensure the success of our student veterans. In fact, Jon Davis, President and CEO, conducted an extensive survey regarding the HVAC industry and its technicians. The study concluded that veterans are exceedingly likely to find success in the HVAC industry.

Retail Ready’s Military Friendly Environment

Our staff and instructors work hard to make sure that we offer a military friendly environment so that our student veterans feel comfortable and confident that while they are here they are in a safe and open place to be themselves. By providing an environment in which veterans are welcome and encouraged, they are able to relax and find peace in knowing that they are putting their hard-earned skills to good use in a lucrative and ever-growing industry.

HVAC technicians cannot be outsourced to other countries, we need men and women who want to work with their hands, and are dedicated to serving the people who live in our country. Who is more passionate about the betterment of our nations people than our military?

Questions About Your Benefits Status?

For more information regarding your benefits status and other veteran resources, please visit our Veteran Resources page

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