What You Will Learn

Retail Ready Career Center offers students eight live HVAC labs, fitted with the very same equipment they will encounter on the job.

Each lab is equipped with heating, ventilation, air conditioning units and electrical training boards. Our kinesthetic training provides an opportunity to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical malfunctions in a controlled environment.

Students attend class Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for six consecutive weeks. Our HVAC program is designed to offer 80% application based training and 20% theory-based training. In addition, we teach an “Adrenaline Call Process” which simulates a live service call between the technician and customer.

The General Basics

In short, students have the opportunity to graduate having learned at least the following:

  1. The necessary soft skills to build relationships with homeowners.
  2. Perform an AC Clean & Check
  3. Perform a Furnace Clean & Check
  4. EPA Certified
  5. Multiple NATE Certifications
  6. Simple Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Skills
  7. Customer Service Skills & Sales Leads
  8. Ability to work on Residential & Light Commercial Units

Program Outline

  1. Technician Foundation
  2. Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance
  3. Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance
  4. Residential Heating Maintenance
  5. Residential Heating Maintenance
  6. Intermediate Low Voltage Electric

Retail Ready Certifications

IAQ Certification


The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification is a comprehensive and preventative maintenance program that allows students to test for moisture, mold, airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and other aspects of IAQ.

EPA Certification


Students test for the Universal EPA license, which is required to handle refrigeration. This certification allows graduates to charge air conditioning systems and reclaim refrigeration. The Universal EPA license is a must have certification for anyone interested in becoming an HVAC Technician.

NATE Certification


The NATE Certification is the most recognized national certification program in the HVAC industry. Students will test for the following:


NATE Heat Pump and AC

NATE Gas Furnace

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