USMC Vet Finds Success in HVAC

Tekiyus Armstead HVAC Career Success

At Retail Ready Career Center, we love to hear from our graduates about their HVAC career success.  Our Job Placement Counselors stay in touch with our graduates and to continue to help with job placement for up to one year after graduating from the program!

We recently received a great update from Tekiyus Armstead, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and January 2017 Class graduate:

“I am finally at a point in my life where I am actually happy and excited about going to work in the morning, since my military service. Before Retail Ready Career Center, I was an Infantry and Security Forces Marine. After the military, I worked as an automotive technician for 3 years. I wasn’t fulfilled by it and decided that I needed a career change.

While job searching, my Admissions Counselor, Dennis, told me about Retail Ready Career Center (RRCC). Shortly afterwards, I had the pleasure of speaking with a RRCC Placement Counselor named Tiffany Lee. She first helped me by being positive and encouraging. As it came to finding me a job, she was on it. When we ran into the hurdle of my driver’s license having too many points on it, we worked to get them removed. She also helped me return from a dark place in my mind because companies wouldn’t hire me with those license points, and I became discouraged. Tiffany was consistent in helping me and continued to communicate with companies to ensure that I would be employed – no matter what. She helped me figure out what to do about my driving record.

Ultimately, I was hired with a company before I graduated RRCC because of the great work and determination put in by Tiffany Lee. She was the BEST. She stuck with me the whole way to make sure that my points were removed. I had face-to-face interviews during school and am now employed with Del Air Heating & AC as a Service/Maintenance Technician.

“Attending Retail Ready Career Center definitely changed my life for the better.”

When I arrived as a newbie, I was a little reluctant because I thought, “How is this school going to prepare me for the HVAC field in 6 weeks?” I didn’t believe it was possible. I give major credit to my instructors Doyle Jackman and Mike Mosley for constantly staying on my back to better me. Even though I asked a million questions, they never turned down my advances to continue to learn more. I took every opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge from multiple instructors. You have to be hungry in this field and be a true “go-getter.” I was definitely there for all of the NATE classes and extra lab time offered because I knew it would help make me a better tech in the field.

“Anyone that is undecided about going to RRCC, I can tell you this – GO. It will change your life.”

The first day of new Service Tech job, I was supposed to be in training, instead they put me right on the road with my trainer. When I arrived at my first house, it was a 6-zone maintenance. That meant that I had 6 systems that I had to work on, plus an install of a Honeywell 8000 Wi-Fi thermostat. I was nervous, but as soon as I got to the systems all the stuff my instructors taught me clicked in my head and I was flying through the systems like clockwork. Once you get into the field, you realize that everything your instructors tell you is true.

Best believe that when they say you’re going to know a lot more than most techs in the field – it’s true. The knowledge you gain, the adrenaline call process, and the hands-on time all work once you arrive in the field. I am walking proof that RRCC can make you an amazing technician – as long as you apply yourself.”

– Tekiyus Armstead, January 9th, 2017 Class

Tekiyus’ continued hard work and dedication is an inspiration to everyone at Retail Ready Career Center. We are empowering our students and evolving education for the 21st century. RRCC is helping our transitioning military veterans find not just a job, but a career that will empower them to cultivate a long lasting career in the HVAC industry.

If you would like to know more about how RRCC can help you be the next success story, or if you are an employer looking for your next best HVAC employee, contact us 888-537-6640.  You can also Contact Us Here.