IAVA CEO Visits Campus, Speaks at Veterans Graduation Ceremony

Paul Rieckhoff

The Retail Ready Career Center (RRCC) proudly announced that nearly 230 men and women graduated as part of it’s first class of 2017. Nearly 210 of those students are Veterans of the United States Military.

“We modeled our curriculum after basic training and it’s no small feat to have endured the last six weeks and emerged successfully,” said RRCC CEO Jonathan Davis. “Many of our students came in on weekends to prepare for their certification exams and our faculty responded selflessly, volunteering their Saturdays to ensure those seeking extra instruction were able to receive it,” added Davis. Their hard work paid off. Over 80% of the graduating class passed the EPA exam on their first attempt and the percentage of students who passed the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) exam was over 70% higher than the national average.

Nationally recognized veterans advocate, Paul Rieckhoff, Founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), delivered the keynote address. Remarking on the school and its graduates, Rieckhoff stated, “These dedicated men and women are America’s next greatest generation. Their dedication and tenacity represents the very best of the Texas spirit and American ingenuity. In tough times, you need tough people. And these graduates of Retail Ready are the tough people our country and our economy need right now. Smart employers big and small will jump at the opportunity to have these folks join their team. They are not a charity, they’re an investment. Retail Ready is leading the way and America should take notice.”

With over 3 million job openings for skilled workers in the United States today, RRCC is innovating a new approach that more closely aligns higher education with the job market. In doing so, they’ve helped hundreds Veterans find gainful employment in the HVAC industry, putting millions back into the pockets of the Veteran community in under 3 years of operation.

About Retail Ready Career Center

Retail Ready Career Center provides the most relevant HVAC training to students, making them job ready or “Retail Ready” upon graduation. Retail Ready Career Center believes that students are most successful and receive the greatest return on their educational investment when the curriculum combines theory-based teaching with application-based instruction. In the passionate pursuit of providing graduates with marketable and in-demand skills, Retail Ready Career Center trains its students in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of disruption to their lives. Our “High Speed-Low Drag” approach to education sets them apart as a leader in HVAC education, and is not short on quality or relevance.