Job Placement Assistance

At Retail Ready Career Center, we take a slightly different approach to conventional education by putting nearly an equal amount of emphasis on finding jobs as we do training for them.

In 2015, over 75% of our students graduated, and were placed in the HVAC industry.

Your counselor will be assigned based upon the area in which you wish to work. This is because each counselor has spent countless hours learning the locations for which they are finding job openings, built relationships with contractors there and understand the employment needs of that particular area.

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The Placement Process

We first begin by creating a professional resume that will showcase your skills and experience, and be appealing to the contractors looking to hire you as an HVAC technician.

But a good resume isn’t always enough; we also film resume videos to give the contractors a personal look at who the student is as an individual, and how they feel they would fit into their team of technicians.

Local contractors will often come to our campus for face to face interviews with each candidate. If you are looking for a job further away, we schedule Skype interviews or set up interviews for the first week after you arrive home.

But we aren’t done with you just because you leave our campus. We continue to offer job placement assistance for up to a year after you graduate the program. This means that if you want to change companies or if you are looking to move to a new area, we are ready and excited about finding you a new job in the HVAC industry where you want to live and work.

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