Financial Aid Made Easy!

Don’t let lack of funds be the reason you miss out on a great learning opportunity. We offer multiple payment and financial aid options to cover tuition at Retail Ready.

Students interested in financing their education at Retail Ready Career Center have the option of applying for approval of a private loan. If you have completed and returned the Conditional Letter of Acceptance from Retail Ready Career Center, you have already given enough information and permission to run a credit check to see if you qualify. We can also send you a credit application to fill out and return, and it generally takes 24-72 hours to receive back the results.

Please contact a Financial Aid Counselor for further assistance and to see if you qualify for a private student loan.

If you’re wondering if its worth it, check out these statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

Did You Know:

Credit score is one of the main determining factors as to whether or not to offer you financing. Your credit score will also help determine what interest rate you will be eligible for. Retail Ready Career Center has a two level policy for loan eligibility and interest rates. Level 1 or Tier 1 is for those with a minimum FICO score of 710 or higher. Level 2 or Tier 2 is for those with a FICO score of 676 to 709. If your credit or FICO score is below 676, you do not qualify for the loan program. Depending on what tier you may qualify for, a co-buyer may not be necessary, however they are always encouraged, and your loan may come with an incentive for having a co-buyer. Co-buyers must have a minimum credit or FICO score 710 or higher. There may be other stipulations depending on your circumstances.

To finance your cost of tuition and fees, several payment options are available including but not limited to: private education loans, financial need based scholarships, Chapter 30 Montgomery G.I. Bill®, Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, Chapter 33 Post 9/11 G.I. Bill®, John Fry Scholarship, Chapter 35 Survivors/Dependents Education Assistance, and Chapter 1606 Montgomery G.I. Bill® Selected Reserve for well-qualified applicants. The total cost of attendance includes your tuition, Student housing assistance program (room and board, travel to and from the school, and a weekly food stipend) E-books (iPad), Supplies (Tools), and testing fees. Please note that veterans may also qualify for their Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to help cover monthly bills if they qualify. All funding arrangements must be set up prior to students starting classes with Retail Ready Career Center and Tuition and fees apply to both in state and out of state residences. Retail Ready Career Centers HVAC Maintenance Ready Tech Program is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission’s Career Schools and Colleges and the program is approved for veteran’s education benefits.

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