Retail Ready Career Center is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience. We provide hands-on training that enables you to immediately enter the workforce. Our Admissions Counselors can help you take command of your future!

How it Works

First thing’s first: get on the phone with an Admissions Counselor today by calling 888-537-6640
Your admissions counselor can answer any questions you have about our HVAC Maintenance Ready Tech Program, and they will even give you a live tour of the campus while you are on the phone so that you can see whats happening on campus right then. They will also walk you through the enrollment process step by step right there on the phone. It is really quick and easy, but they are there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Live Tours!

Want to check see what is happening on our campus right now? You don’t have to travel all the way to Dallas to do so. If you call one of our admissions counselors, they will use a tablet and walk you around the entire campus so that you can see how hard all of our instructors and students are working in real time.

Watch The Campus Tour Video Here!

Enrollment Requirements

  1. Minimum Age of 18
  2. High School Diploma or GED
  3. Complete all admissions paperwork
  4. Have made arrangements with financial aid to successfully and completely fund your education

Take the Next Step

How Can I Pay for the Program?

If you are a post 9/11 Veteran, your admissions counselor will assist you in completing a Vonapp to determine your benefits status. If you are not a post 9/11 Veteran, and cannot or do not wish to pay for your training with a cash option, you will be directed to a Financial Aid Counselor to assist in determining your eligibility for financial aid and/or a scholarship. You may use a combination of all four options to cover the cost of tuition. For more information regarding scholarships and financial aid check out our Financial Aid page

Download our class calendar and school catalog here:

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