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What Sets Retail Ready Career Center Apart?

Why Choose Us?

Retail Ready Career Center is committed to providing intensive hands-on training.

Our team of dedicated instructors has years of industry experience to pass onto our students. We are committed to practicing highly effective teaching methods to develop the skills and knowledge required by the Heating and Air

Conditioning industry and our business partners. Our “High Speed-Low Drag” approach to education uniquely set us apart as a leader in HVAC education, and is not short on quality or relevance.

6 Weeks or 12 Months?

You may be asking yourself, “Why is Retail Ready Career Center’s program only 6 weeks long?” Retail Ready Career Center’s President and Founder Jon Davis answers this important question for you:

"A traditional HVAC program is 12 months. You attend classes 3 times a week, 2-3 hours per day. You are not advancing your career during this time! I believe that education and skills training should be relevant to market demands. Our intense 6 week, 9.4 hours a day, 5 days a week HVAC program mirrors the military’s 13-week basic training. The objective is to land a good paying, quality career in a high demand industry. I believe it’s important to get you trained, certified and placed with a quality company so you can begin your new career in the shortest time necessary."”

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President’s Letter

Retail Ready Career Center’s philosophy on education and training is simple; to provide the most relevant education that can be applied to the job that students will be performing upon graduation. Never relying upon the business community, hiring company or organization to be burdened with the expense or responsibility of teaching what should have been learned in school. Read More

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